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New Years Resolution For Fitness 

New Years Resolution to Break Bad Habits

Resolve to Learn Something New   

Resolve to Set Financial Goals 

Resolution - Better Family Relations  

Resolve to Help Others  

Resolve to Find Love 

This Year Resolve to Get Organized

Get a Spiritual Connection

Making and Keeping a New Years Resolution     

How to Make & Keep a New Years Resolution  

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 This is the time of year when we establish resolutions - intentions to change in a positive way this year.  Each year we start over, sometimes with one of the 10 most popular resolutions as last year, Just knowing that this year will be different!  To succeed, remember to take it easy with yourself and don't overload with resolutions.  Take two or three resolutions that will have the most significance for you and plan small, do-able steps at first.  You need some easy successes for the first month or two to gain momentum in order to establish the new habit and to give yourself some encouragement.  Then, when you are comfortable and feeling good about what you have achieved, you can go for bigger gains.  Read more about the 10 most popular resolutions in the articles on the left and make this one of your best years ever !

So where did New Years celebrations come from
 Bringing in the New Year is the world’s oldest remaining celebration. Historians think the ancient Babylonians were the first to mark the event approximately 4000 years ago! Since 46 B.C. when Caesar ordered that the calendar should begin in mid-winter, Western civilization has celebrated the New Year on January 1st. The Romans called the first month of their new calendar after Janus, their god of fresh origins. Portrayed with 2 faces, Janus was able to review the old year and frontward to the new one at the same time, representing learning from the past and acquiring hope for the future.
Romans observed the New Year by giving each other branches from sacred trees to guarantee good luck and a favorable new beginning. Today’s New Year’s customs are fairly different from those of our Roman ancestors. Nowadays we watch football bowl games, take down holiday decorations and, naturally, make resolutions for the coming year!
According to U.S. gov, the New Year’s 10 most popular resolutions in the U.S. are:

• Financial Goals - Handle debt
• Resolution for Fitness - Get in better physical shape, slim down.
• Get a spiritual connection
• Resolve to Find Love - 
• Resolve to Break Bad Habits - Stop smoking, Drink less alcohol
• Resolve to Learn Something New - expand your mind - and horizons - this year.
• Resolve to Help Others - Volunteer to help other people
• Better Family Relations - Spend more time with loved ones and friends.
  Resolve to Get Organized - get your house in order - organize your stuff!