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                                           Get a Spiritual Connection


Do you wish to have a closer kinship with God? Do you wish God to speak to you? Do you wish Gods' Will for you unveiled to you? The answer is to have personal devotion time with the higher power.  

When we determine we wish to have a closer relationship with God our personal devotion is how we accomplish this. This is time we reserve to get to understand God better, to hear His Word and to let God shape us as we meditate and hear him.  

Discover a calm space and time. Discover a quiet place and a calm time free from all distractions. Let this be a time, place or space that you've in aloneness to connect with God.  

God is Spirit. We begin our devotion with a prayer to look for the presence of His Spirit that we may communicate with Him. This is so crucial. This determines the tone for your personal devotion with God. By His Spirit God provides revelation, sympathy, wisdom, comfort and even assignments. It isn't that God's Spirit isn't forever present, but we're not forever open to receive Him.  

After you pray for His presence, study a daily scripture. There are a lot of sources, I let God direct me to a scripture or issue. There might be something on your heart. This isn't study time. This is simply a time to formulate our relationship. Consequently your scripture is simply a verse or two.

When you've read the scripture God directed you to, meditate on that word. Consider the word. Ask God for wisdom, revelation and illumination as this word relates to you and your living. This is a time to hear God. This isn't the time to tell God what to do. The center of your devotion is your meditation. As God provides you a word meditate on it round-the-clock. Now is time for your personal prayer, praise and adoration. Now you know God, profess your sins and weaknesses, thank Him for all he's done and carries on to do for you.  

Our personal devotion time is when we formulate and fortify a familiar, personal relationship with God. Let your devotion time center on God and your relationship with Him.  
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