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                                        How to Make and Keep a Resolution


Annually we begin with the best of intentions. Drop off fifteen pounds. Stop Smoking. Whatever it is, we all start out with the finest of intentions, yet by Feb 1, we've deserted and even blanked out what we wished to achieve. You don't have to pay a life coach to arrange some resolutions this year.  

Claim a few minutes and put down your resolutions and goals. Be as particular or as general as you wish. Choose 2 that are most significant.  

If your resolution is to drop off fifteen pounds, rework that into matters that are real and manageable. If you consume a constant diet of junk food, don't attempt to cut yourself off immediately and shift to salads only. If you haven't been off your sofa for months, don't run down and join a gym and tell yourself you're going to work out every day. You likely won't.  

What you ought to do is set smaller goals. "Cut out junk food at work." "Invite a friend to take walks with me 3 times a week." "Quit taking smoke breaks at lunch." Fixing these littler, more getable goals may help you remain on track to accomplish your ultimate goal later in the year.  

When you've gotten a few manageable goals written down, take a fresh sheet of paper and write those goals down. Put them someplace you'll see them each and every day. Not on the refrigerator, they may get hidden behind other things. Bath mirror is occasionally ok, but that may frequently be unnoted within a few days when you become used to seeing it. Place the list someplace you'll be reminded. If your resolution is to watch less television, tie a note to your remote. If your goal is to cut down on smoking, put notes on your lighters, ash trays and smoke packs.  

Each time you encounter one of your notes, take a minute and set a plan for how you're going to accomplish your goal that day. Arranging little, manageable goals step-ups your chance of success and likewise opens the door to produce even more favorable and healthy changes as the year goes on.

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