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                                         Resolve to Break Bad Habits


Are you sick of being addicted to pain pills or tranquillizers and don't understand how to quit? Are you in self-denial and tell yourself you are able to quit if you wish to but still haven't. If you're getting weary of being addicted, ask yourself the following:  

Do you spend a huge amount of time and vigor thinking of your addiction? If you are thinking of when you are able to take some other pill, you've an addiction issue.  

When there's a pain management problem, the medicinal drug controls the pain however you do not get high. If you're getting high from your pain medicine, you're taking too much and will most likely become addicted.  

Do you recognize the psychological addiction is more difficult to break than the physical dependency? There’s nothing harder than to break than a psychological dependency.  

I've known individuals who are medically detoxed (in the hospital) and yet can't beak their addiction even though they're no longer physically hooked.  

And that's since a psychological addiction is hard-wired to your beliefs, which are really mighty.  

Are you amenable to get professional assistance if you could quit yourself, you'd do that.  

Dependencies have nothing to do with being smart. I have known individuals with exceedingly high IQ's that get very hooked on a lot of things. You can't break a dependency by thinking your way through it.  

Can you feel? You have to feel to break a dependency. In order to mend, you have to feel. Dependencies keep us anesthetized from experiencing.  

You take your substance of selection until you are dull (can not feel) - that is the fundamental dynamic of a dependency.

Unless you're willing to bear the anxiousness that comes right before feeling the feeling you're afraid to feel, you'll be able to never break an addiction.

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