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                                      Resolve to Learn Something New  

Trying to learn something new and get some better study habits?  Here are a couple of hints.  

Pick out the place to study and gather your materials.  

A library is great yeah, we know that you tingle at the idea of going there, but that's what makes it so awesome. What may be duller (translation: less disquieting) than a library? All the same, if you're the type who can't center amidst that deafening silence, you ought to at least pick a place where you know you'll be able to center. Here are a few suggestions:  

  A hushed caf

  A study hall

  A pupil lounge

  An abandoned classroom  

A bedroom isn't a great place, as you will be near a telephone, a bed, a television set and additional distractions. After a half-hour, you'll begin arguing with yourself that a TV break is crucial for your saneness.  

Make certain you've all the materials with you that you may require; you don't wish to waste time looking for your lucky pencil (or hunting somebody down to borrow one that's substandard). It's likewise best to have a table or big desk where you are able to spread your stuff so it will all be inside easy reach.  

Make certain you're comfy  

Whatever area you pick out, make certain it's comparatively pleasant and comfortable. A few individuals require silence to study, while other people can't study without a little background music. (Research workers have discovered that listening to music may better mental focus, though not inevitably while you're studying.) It's likely best to avoid high-power music like rap music or hard-core rock-and-roll, though--if you discover yourself singing along to the music or even tapping your foot, probabilities are; your attention is falling behind. The more easygoing, the better.

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While we have found out more about the brain and how it works in the last 10 years than we have ever recognized before, we apply very little of this in our day-to-day working or personal lives. Its possible for everybody to learn faster, work smarter, and be more satisfied.

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